Lelica´s Ticket To Ride
Lelica´s Katch Me If You Can
Negro´s Fire Dancer
Negro´s Iceman
current Litter
planned Litter
Negro´s Iceman

HD-A 1,Gentests: cord1 PRA clear, Fucosidose-clear


  Ch. Melverly Mystery Maker  Clanach Crown Destiny 
Multi Ch. Lelica´s Ticket To Ride    Melvery Mystery Girl 
  Ch. Lelica´s Love Me Do  Ch. Whisborne Angus Og 
    Lelica´s Portrait 
  Ch. Sieger´s Pool Position  Ch. Trollängens Cross County 
Whizzbang´s Jigsaw Puzzel    Ch. Sieger´s Wagtail 
  Ch. Whizzbang´s Fast Love  Ch. Sieger´s Good Vibration 
    Ch. Whizzbang´s After Midnight 




LAUSANNE 2011   
GENOVA 2011 
ERBA 2011 

Photo´s: Anita Lopes Graca - Dog Shows Photographer-

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